Tony Moly Berry Trendy Hair Color Tint Review (Crazy Pink)

February 27, 2015

Hello everyone! Do you love to have wild colours on your hair? I love it once in a while! It's fun! That's why I love hair chalks! They are temporary and they wash out with shampoo. It's really cool and I would love to try all the colors in the world on my hair. :D

Basic Information

Net Weight:
Product of: Korea
Available in
Price: I bought online for around RM 20

  • Fashion Red 
  • Ultra Green 
  • Neon Blue 
  • Crazy Pink 
  • Chic Purple 
  • Tangerine Tonic

Product Description

  • Simple coloring with self one day coloring.
  • Contains friendly lauroyl lysine powder.
  • Silicone oil with excellent spreading and ester oil with excellent adhesive power.
  • Creates two tone hair style with color mix.


It comes in a blush/ eye shadow pot and with a transparent lid.


1. Apply a moderate amount of hair tint to hair evenly not to have any borders.
2. Create styling with combing with a wide comb while brushing aside the remainder powder.
3. Fix with exclusive fixer or spray.
4. Rinse off with shampoo in warm water.
* If exposed to a lot of water, color may smear.

My Impression

I really love to dye my hair with crazy colours! The colour is absolutely lovely! It's highly pigmented and easy to apply. It stands out well on my dark hair, hurray! It's also bit messy to apply and it will stain white shirt. Anyways it doesn't last long so I need to use a heating tool or hair spray to make it last longer Anyways, I would totally try other colours soon!.

Pros and Cons


  • Washes out with shampoo
  • Vibrant colour
  • Works on dark hair


  • Doesn't stay
  • A little messy
  • Not easily available (I bought online)
  • Kinda pricey since there are cheaper options in the market




Highly recommended for those who love to have fun with crazy colors!

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